The International 100km Dodentocht® is organised by the vzw Kadee Dodentocht, aided by the vzw Jeugdhuis Kadee (Youthhouse Kadee). A large number of the helpers of the vzw Kadee Dodentocht® prepare this manifestation professionally and voluntarily. During the event no less than 600 helpers are up and about day and night!

Apart from that there about 150 official forces of several organisations, spread throughout the different villages, and about 500 volunteers of the Belgian Red Cross.

The organisation of the Dodentocht lies in the hands of the head coordinator and the comittee, spread amongst several cells. Each cell has his own responsible who is part of the committee and is being helped by a few volunteers. Each cell is responsible for a part of the organisation.

Through the links below you can view information per cell.

Volunteers can always sign in by writing a mail to