Walking for a better world!


Do I carry my own luggage the whole 100 km ?

Every participant can have his/her luggage brought to the check point half way.  This service is free of charge.  It is important that the traveling bag carries a label with your name, full address and telephone number.  Per participant only 1 piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 15 kg can be deposited.  Drinks and other liquids are NOT allowed in the traveling bag.  Enough drinks will be supplied free of charge along the trail. The luggage should not contain valuables or medicines.

Where do I deposit my luggage ?

As of 15:00 you can deposit your traveling bag at the indicated location.

Claiming your luggage

Simply show your badge to claim your luggage at arrival at the check point.  Afterwards it should be re-deposited where it says “retour baggage”.  The luggage will automatically be taken back to the centre of Bornem. In case you don't need anything half way please inform the luggage team. 

Where can I claim my luggage after arrival or when I quit ?

When you quit, please make sure to have your badge scanned out, to make sure your luggage will be taken back to the centre of Bornem.  Claiming your luggage at arrival in Bornem is only possible by showing your badge.  Luggage can be collected at the sports hall at OLVP, intersection Driesstraat – Temsesteenweg, Bornem centre. 


Should you not be able to finish you have to make sure to have your badge scanned out at the check point.  This will inform your followers and people responsible for the luggage that you have stopped walking the trail.  You can use one of our broom wagons to get back to the centre of Bornem.  Should you have luggage at the check point half way, then this will also be returned to Bornem, provided you had your badge scanned out at a check point.

Lost and found

Should you lose or misplace something during the Dodentocht, on Saturday you can enquire about lost property at the information counter.  After the event you can always send us an e-mail and we will try to accommodate your request to the best of our ability.